Why I’m Not an Atheist (or a Deist)

A few years ago I spoke at a free thinkers meeting. I told the audience that I identified as a truth seeker and wasn’t ready to cut ties with the possibility that life wasn’t just a random chance. As I was wrapping up my talk an older gentleman shouted out, “Why don’t you just come all the way over to the other said and say you’re an atheist. It’s a lot easier.” Continue reading “Why I’m Not an Atheist (or a Deist)”

Is God Punishing Me for Doubting Him?

Our fears of punishment are usually based on beliefs about a God who is small, insecure, threatened, and punitive.

Doubting God’s existence is part of being human. While most of us blindly believed what we were taught, there were probably doubts in the backs of our minds when it came to unanswered prayers or disquieting thoughts. Nevertheless, we moved forward despite our feelings.

When we face our doubts and start rationalizing beliefs with truth and facts, we do so cautiously because warnings were built into our scriptural interpretations and dogmas. Continue reading “Is God Punishing Me for Doubting Him?”