Rethinking Racism

The following are few resources that have helped me rethink racism and white privilege, and opened my eyes to a history, which has been primarily swept under the rug.


Michelle Alexander’s powerful book provides the history, statistics and stories of the black and brown communities devastated by slavery, and laws designed to keep them from having a place at the table of equality and justice.





Available on NetFlix, 13th chronicles the incarceration of primarily black and brown men, which now equals more jailed African Americans than there were slaves. The stories are difficult to watch, but the historical timeline and actions from both political parties chronicles a disturbing and undeniable systematic oppression that can’t be ignored.



In White Like Me, social justice author and activist, Tim White, shares his personal story of growing up in the racially divided South, and shares his experience working to combat racism in politics and society.


When a child believe’s ‘Black Lives Don’t Matter’


This is one of the first articles I wrote on race based on a child’s experience following the 2016 presidential election.