Rethinking Everything When Faith and Reality Don’t Make Sense

Sitting in a hotel room on a business trip, following the collapse of my ministry, and the aftermath of divorce, I started asking questions I’d never allowed myself to ask before: Does God exist? Is there evidence for all those Biblical stories? And how did my life end up here?

Rethinking Everything is a book for people disillusioned with their conservative Christian faith after real life didn’t quite add up to the hype. It provides an historical context for evangelical Christianity, how and why we believe against evidence to the contrary, and how to move beyond our sometimes toxic religious beliefs.

American conservative Christianity is its own entity. It is filled with inconsistencies, battened by a belief in an inerrant Bible, ordained by God himself, used to gridlock individuals, families, and even congress. If something is wrong, the religion infers, it is the believer, not the religion. There is no compromise. Consequently many people spend years trying to sort out what’s wrong with them rather than what may be wrong with their beliefs.

Rethinking Everything takes readers on a journey into self-awareness. How do we deal with the guilt, shame, or anger we feel toward the faith that once enveloped us? What do we do with the visions of hell still dancing in our heads? Who are we now, and where do we go from here?

Daring to allow myself to examine the foundations of my own faith brought me places I never imagined I’d go, and into an incredible life I never dreamed I’d live.

Rethinking Everything When Faith and Reality Don’t Make Sense is scheduled to be released in 2018.

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