Rethinking Being Human

Those of us raised in strict religious environments are often given a limited view on what it means to be human and how humans act. The results can be stifling. Some of us suffer from psychological trauma and guilt. The following list of books are authors I’ve found helpful on my journey as I’ve learned about the wonder and beauty of being fully human and fully integrated into the world around me.



From shame researcher, Brene Brown, Daring Greatly challenges readers to jump into the arena of uncertainty with imperfections and all. It’s not how well we perform, but that we show up in the first place!




Neurobiologist, Robert Sapolsky, an award-winning professor, discusses the intriguing and complex human species. Our behaviors are not easily explained, but they are rooted in science. Dr. Sapolsky offers an intelligent, interesting and sometimes funny explanation for why we do the things we do.




Evolution is sometimes a hot topic in religious circles and fought against with fervor, usually unmatched by knowledge. Professor Jerry Coyne gives a scientific explanation to the “theory” of evolution, explaining why it is much more than a theory, and how much more we know about the universe around us because of evolution.




Why some people are religious, or more or less religious than others, along with a host of other behaviors and predispositions can be found and accounted for in our biology. Neurobiologist Robert Sapolsky explores interactions between the brain, mind, body, and environment in this series of thought-provoking lessons.




Professor Gary Marcus shows that our brains are not quite as intelligently designed as we like to think they are. We forget things we need to remember, and remember things we no longer need. Our brain is a conglomeration of old and new biology that makes it what it is, and makes us who we are.