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John Paulk“Tim paints a painfully honest and poignant picture detailing his journey through evangelicalism. I am so proud of Tim as I was a small part of his early journey and I stand beside him today. He is whole, confident, and an example that God’s love has no boundaries.” JOHN PAULK, former spokesperson and Chairman of the Board of Exodus International

Justin Lee“Going Gay is a heartbreaking, thought-provoking account of one man’s journey to accept and understand himself. In a culture where faith and sexuality seem often to be at war, the stories of those caught in the crossfire are critically important. Readers may not agree with all of Rymel’s views, but this is a story worth telling and a story worth understanding.” JUSTIN LEE, Founder and Executive Director of Gay Christian Network, Activist, and author of Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays-vs.-Christians Debate

carltonPearson“I applaud Tim Rymel for taking the bold step of owning and honoring his personal truth and writing this stimulating and freeing book, which I believe will bring healing and hope to many of our same gender loving brothers and sisters, many of whom love God, follow Jesus and enjoy the Holy Spirit. They too, are included in the so-called body of Christ as much as any one else within the community of faith and outside it. Go for it Tim. God speed!” BISHOP CARLTON PEARSON, award-winning Gospel artist, Progressive Spiritual Leader, Teacher and Peace Agent, and author of The Gospel of Inclusion

~Amazon Reviews~

An honest and insightful look into one man’s life journey to find himself, August 7, 2014 By Mitch Flemming – An insightful look into one man’s struggle with finding himself and who he is. Son, brother, husband, father, Christian, minister, partner and finally…just Tim. While his life struggle was with reconciliation of sexual preference and his religious and political beliefs (and the stereotypes that go with them), that is not all that defines him. What defines him is “all of the above”. The success in his journey is finding that all of the different aspects of his life, once accepted, all combine to make…Tim. A man who loves, and is loved in return, for being exactly who he is.

A definite read for anyone who is struggling with allowing others to know of their same sex attraction or for those who have family, July 21, 2014 By Ladd Wiidanen This is a raw account of Tim’s journey from denial to acceptance of himself, and how religion played a role in his journey. Anyone with a religious background which challenges their own acceptance (gay or not) should be able to find similarities. Tims brutal honesty in this book is admirable, and he puts himself in a vulnerable position by sharing his deepest secrets along with his struggle to accept himself for who God made him to be. A definite read for anyone who is struggling with allowing others to know of their same sex attraction or for those who have family that have struggled to understand their loved ones journey.

Honest, raw and sincere!, June 26, 2014 By Jitz Like whoa! This book is so raw and honest and I am thoroughly impressed by the author’s courage to write such a book. I think regardless of an individual’s struggle they can pull something from Mr. Rymel’s book and know, they are not alone. I will be recommending this book to everyone!

An Authentic Journey, December 18, 2014 By Gianni Nahuentue A fascinating read about the life journey about a man who travelled the long journey from being in the closet in an evangelical christian community, to entering and then becoming a leader in the Exodus movement, then onto a rejection of all of his former beliefs, and finally arriving at a place of integration and peace. All of the intensity of a struggle comes through his words. He provides an authentic witness to the true love of Christ in the struggles of our lives.

Measured, Even, and Fair, August 4, 2014 By Andrew J Ford There is nothing quite like the power of story to open our eyes and our hearts to greater empathy. Tim Rymel has shared his story authentically and honesty and clarity. Most poignant for me was the way he holds all of his worlds and realities in the same – open – hand. He recognizes the value in his experiences and how they have shaped him to be the man he is while simultaneously rejecting the shame that would keep him from living his fullest life. He is measured, even, and fair as he tells his story, and one gets the sense he has spent a lot of time reflecting and working to gain a better understanding of his experiences and how sharing them boldly might help others. I closed the book with a much greater appreciation for the often painful journey to self-acceptance that so many walk…and even found a little of myself in that journey, though our stories could not be more different. Who isn’t on a search for greater self-acceptance?

We need to hear more stories of courage, November 10, 2014 By Amazon Customer- A fair and honest account of the journey many Christian gay and lesbians live out every day. Hopefully more people will find the courage to share their journey so greater understanding can be reached.