Is Blind Faith Spiritual?

I came across a YouTube video last week where the speaker said that believing the promises in God’s Word rather than what you see happening around you will lead you to a “faith reality,” giving you peace in the midst of all of life’s storms.

Against better judgment, in the comment’s section, I left a note asking which version of God’s Word should be used. With over 41,000 Christian sects and denominations, there are a lot of promises in God’s Word with different, if not opposite meanings. Believing cart blanche in everything we read doesn’t make us spiritual it makes us delusional!

It certainly sounds like the height of spirituality to believe God no matter how you interpret the Bible. Why not trust him without questions? Why not do everything we believe the Bible is telling us to do like a worker bee? No thoughts and no distractions. If we can just stay focused on the Lord’s work and word, we will find the peace that passes all understanding and live in the sublime for all eternity. Right?

There are many problems with this theory, but I’ll deal with the obvious one first. Blind faith is stupid faith. To follow anyone or anything blindly requires us to turn off our brains, stop listening to our bodies, which are wired to tell us when something is wrong, and stop searching for meaning, which, again, we are wired to find.

As an example, a family member of mine embodies the ideals of blind faith. She buries her head in the sand when it comes to the destructive, dysfunctional family relationships and substance abuse surrounding her life. Instead of seeking help, she prays harder. In the meantime, the addictions and abuse go unchecked, getting worse year after year.

Pretending that everything is OK isn’t spiritual. Your faith isn’t growing and you’re not storing up riches in heaven for your inability to face the facts surrounding your life. Chaos by any other name is still chaos.

Secondly, any faith that requires us to turn off our brains and accept everything told to us is always a man-made faith. Always. A truly omnipotent being has no need to keep believers in the dark, hide secrets, and ignore reality, which, presumably, he controls!

Thirdly, honesty and sincerity of faith can’t be built on denial. A God who encourages denial of life’s realities is a God out of touch with his own reality, the reality he created.

Spirituality has an ever-changing definition. For some it comes through worship of God, for others, it is a dedication to humanitarian causes. Some people define it as a universal recognition of the sanctity of life.

Whatever the definition, spirituality cannot be a standalone experience, separate from the rest of life’s challenges. We are wholly human living in the real world with real bodies that move and interact with other real bodies. Ignoring this life and all that it means to be alive is foolish, mindless, and anti-spiritual.

Choosing to ignore the real world is choosing to miss out on the fullness of life, love, pain, hurt, joy, and connection. Spirituality is anything but blind.


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