Going Gay – My Journey From Evangelical Christian Minister to Self-acceptance, Love, Life, and Meaning

For nearly 25 years I rejected the idea that I was gay because I was a Christian. Same sex attractions were not as strong as my elaborate mental system of denial and self-hatred. Besides, the Bible had to be right.

I spent 6 of those 25 years working for Love in Action, the world’s oldest and most renowned ex-gay, or conversion therapy ministry back then. I traveled the country doing media interviews, and speaking in colleges and churches, delivering the message “there is freedom from homosexuality through Jesus Christ.” I married and fathered two beautiful daughters.

Life ultimately crumbled when my wife announced she was divorcing me. Though I tried to hold it together for six more years, the psychological dissonance was wearing me down. Between the anxiety, depression, and conflict, I began crossing the line into insanity. Something had to give.

Going Gay is told from the perspective of each stage in my personal transformation. The book outlines an intimate, and excruciating journey towards truth, love, and acceptance. It shows the very real effects of conversion therapy many years later, and offers hope for those struggling to reconcile faith and same-sex attraction.

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