Rick Saccone Says Democrats Hate God

Screen Capture/Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKvKButkMis

Rick Saccone, in a desperate plea to his base before the special elections, said that Democrats have a hatred for the President, the country and God.

I’ll give him the first one.

On his last two points, however, Saccone seems to have misconstrued a difference of opinion and belief about the country and God. His point of view stems from the rise of fundamentalist, evangelical Christians who became involved in politics on a national scale in the late 1970s. Continue reading “Rick Saccone Says Democrats Hate God”

Getting Over the Fear of Hell

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If I had to name one thing that people struggle with the most when leaving or rethinking their evangelical faith, it is the fear of being wrong and going to hell. Even years after leaving the church many still struggle with fears of demons dancing in their heads.

As a father, hell was a concept that gave me pause. God said he loved me and yet, if I didn’t do exactly what he said I’d be cast away from him into an eternal fire. I couldn’t imagine doing something so horrendous to my own children, no matter what they had done. It seemed cruel and sociopathic. I decided I no longer wanted to serve that God. So I set out on a course to learn more about my faith and the dualistic theology of unspeakable love and unimaginable cruelty.

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