Why I’m Not an Atheist (or a Deist)

A few years ago I spoke at a free thinkers meeting. I told the audience that I identified as a truth seeker and wasn’t ready to cut ties with the possibility that life wasn’t just a random chance. As I was wrapping up my talk an older gentleman shouted out, “Why don’t you just come all the way over to the other said and say you’re an atheist. It’s a lot easier.” Continue reading “Why I’m Not an Atheist (or a Deist)”

Finding Passion Without God

Our passion about our version of God made us feel like we were part of something bigger than ourselves. When we start rethinking our beliefs and questioning our truth, we can feel out of control, directionless, and lost.

The glorious sound of a gospel choir soaring across an auditorium was a transcendent experience every time I led worship, played the keyboards for a choir, or participated in a special production. For nearly 25 years music was as deep in my core as the need to breathe. But things had changed.

Why I was singing began to grow hollow. What I was singing stopped making sense. I had serious doubts about God’s existence and my purpose. Turning off the power to my keyboards symbolically shut down the deity that I realized led to disconnection to my true self after years of torment and pain. But doing so left me feeling dead inside. Continue reading “Finding Passion Without God”

Is Blind Faith Spiritual?

I came across a YouTube video last week where the speaker said that believing the promises in God’s Word rather than what you see happening around you will lead you to a “faith reality,” giving you peace in the midst of all of life’s storms.

Against better judgment, in the comment’s section, I left a note asking which version of God’s Word should be used. With over 41,000 Christian sects and denominations, there are a lot of promises in God’s Word with different, if not opposite meanings. Believing cart blanche in everything we read doesn’t make us spiritual it makes us delusional! Continue reading “Is Blind Faith Spiritual?”

Is God Punishing Me for Doubting Him?

Our fears of punishment are usually based on beliefs about a God who is small, insecure, threatened, and punitive.

Doubting God’s existence is part of being human. While most of us blindly believed what we were taught, there were probably doubts in the backs of our minds when it came to unanswered prayers or disquieting thoughts. Nevertheless, we moved forward despite our feelings.

When we face our doubts and start rationalizing beliefs with truth and facts, we do so cautiously because warnings were built into our scriptural interpretations and dogmas. Continue reading “Is God Punishing Me for Doubting Him?”

What Makes Us Think Pastors Wouldn’t Sexually Assault Women?

Willow Creek Community Church Senior Pastor Bill Hybels stands before his congregation, Tuesday, April 10, 2018, in South Barrington, Ill., where he announced his early retirement effective immediately, amid a cloud of misconduct allegations involving women in his congregation. The announcement was made during a special meeting at the church, one of the nation’s largest evangelical churches, which he founded. (Mark Black/Daily Herald via AP)

I was asked in a recent interview if I changed my theology so I could have gay sex. My answer was that I didn’t need to change my theology to have gay sex. I could have done it anytime I wanted, regardless of what I professed to believe.

Let’s face it. Pastors are caught having extra-marital sex all the time and almost never claim to have changed their theology. For some reason, we are shocked, surprised, dismayed, and taken aback by their behavior as though the title of pastor or church leader has somehow changed their biology. Continue reading “What Makes Us Think Pastors Wouldn’t Sexually Assault Women?”