Helping LGBT families caught in the
crosshairs of religion and politics.


I’m A Gay Man Who Married A Straight Woman










My eyes opened around 2:00 A.M. to the sound of a crowd screaming in the background. I had fallen asleep on the sofa and was, once again, being awakened by a late-night airing of The Jerry Springer Show. No sooner did I regain consciousness than depression wrapped itself around my psyche like a tight-fitting shoe….



Confessions of a Conversion Therapy Survivor









“Can you talk about the effects of conversion therapy?” Someone asked me at a recent speaking engagement. In milliseconds, my mind raced to the numbers, statistics, and research papers I’d read. I pictured myself sitting next to the countless people I’d interviewed, listening to their heart-wrenching stories of pain. My body tensed. Their stories, like mine, were merely anecdotal. I felt I needed to give hard facts if my answer was going to be effective. That’s what I told myself.





When Religion and American Politics Became One

There was a time, according to social psychologist Jonathan Haidt, when someone could vote for a political party and not also be identified by their religion. In 1972, there was no mention of God on the presidential platform of the Republican Party. But in 1976, after the court’s decision in Roe v. Wade, Laureen Feeney said, it was the Republican Party that asserted…




What Does “Ex-Gay” Really Mean?









Missouri gubernatorial hopeful, Bob Dixon, came out as “ex-gay” last week. He cited a religious conversion for his sexual orientation change, and child abuse and confusion for the reason he was gay in the first place. Dixon is the first person to both admit child abuse and acknowledge that he is “formerly gay.”



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